Packing for a cruise is always stressful. You have all the necessities covered: swimsuits, shorts, dinner attire and your toothbrush. It is that one item that you remember…just as your embarkation port is out of distance. Not to worry! We have the 10 items that you need to pack to enjoy all the comforts of home your cruise vacation.

A Bungee Tie Strap

This is a crucial item for those with a balcony. Your door to your balcony has self closing hinge, a safety feature onboard the ship. Packing a tie strap will can allow you to keep the door open to enjoy the ocean breeze. In addition, it is a great way to bundle luggage together.


A Surge Protector

There are never enough outlets in  your stateroom. With all of the electronics chargers, hair dryers, and accessories, you need more outlet space. A surge protector is a great item to pack that does not take much space and can be a lifesaving time saver.

Antibacterial Towelettes

Cleanliness is crucial to stay healthy on a cruise ship. Although cruise ships are clean, you come in contact with surfaces that thousands of others come in contact with on a daily basis. Packing individual packs of antibacterial wipes can be the difference in getting sick on your trip and staying healthy.

First Aid Kit

Sunburn, cut from coral, seasickness, upset stomach are common ailments while on board a cruise ship. Packing a small first aid kit with aloe vera gel, a small back of bandages, anti-diarrheal and motion sickness medication can be a lifesaver. Pharmacies on board your ship can be expensive, so we recommend that you pack a small first aid kit just in case it is needed.

Clothes Hangers

Each stateroom comes equipped with clothes hangers, but they are limited in number. Packing a few extra can create additional closet space, act as bathing suit clothes dryers, and keep clothes wrinkle free. So plan on packing a few extra clothes hangers on your next cruise vacation.

Over The Door Organizer

Most cruise ship staterooms are quite cozy. And when I say “cozy” I mean small. Over the door shoe organizers are a great way to store shoes, bathing suits, toiletries, and items that you want to keep off the limited counter space.

Ear Plugs

You never know who you will be neighboring next to on your cruise vacation. Snoring, loud kids, loud parties, music are just a few of the noises that make keep you awake at night. Packing a set of ear plugs can provide that much needed rest.

Starch or Wrinkle Remover Spray

Limited space makes ironing difficult, however dressing to impress for formal night is a must. Packing a clothing wrinkle remover can save you from having to iron all together. If you have to break out the iron, make sure you pack a travel size starch to get the wrinkles out.

Wine & Champagne

Most people do not know that they can bring wine or champagne on board free of charge. Some allow a bottle per person, others allow one per stateroom, while others allow unlimited with a cork fee. We strongly encourage you to check with your cruise line to know their policy and corkage fees. *Please Note: Check the wine list of restaurants on board for their price per bottle and compare that to the corkage fee. You may find that it is not worth the hassle. You may end up paying more buying your own bottle and paying the cork fee versus the cost of a bottle at a restaurant on board.

Bottled Water & Soda

You will need to check with your cruise line for their policies. Some cruise lines allow you to bring your own bottled water and soda, some water only, and some none at all. This can be a big money saver while on board and on your excursions.